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Birmingham Outbreak

Graphene oxide nanotubes, present in Covid vaccines, can be manipulated by 5G frequencies causing the vaccinated to “feel, think and see feelings, thoughts or things

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Gratitude  By Helen Gibson MA  What to say about gratitude? I find it one of the most amazing practices I’ve ever developed, an essential gift to the

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Good Vibrations…

It’s perfectly normal to experience down days every now and then but, understandably, during these challenging times, many are struggling to keep vibrations high when there

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Conversing with the Self.

Maintaining a sense of balance and mental health wellbeing – Conversing with the self.  We find ourselves in uncertain scary times. To deny this would

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All in my head….

Many moons ago, about 10 years to be precise, I was investigating the dubious business practices of Monsanto, aiming to understand just how they could

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A System Reboot Mr Gates?

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic ‘story’, Bill Gates the creator of Microsoft, has been clearly positioning himself an authority on how things

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