The Vault

The question niggles at all of us… What If…?

What would you lose if the unthinkable were to happen to your home? How organised would you be in the event that you lose the one person that the whole family depends upon?

The Vault protects us from the unimaginable becoming even worse. A highly secure facility, The Vault helps protect companies, individuals and families when important aspects of their lives fall apart.

Think, what important items would be lost in the event of a fire or flood, those important items that you store in a box under the bed? If you have insurance in place, the building can be rebuilt, and contents can be replaced. However, what happens to all those essential documents?

  • Your Will
  • Your Passports
  • Your Insurance documents
  • Your Birth and Marriage certificates
  • Your Property deeds

Above are just a handful of documents that you would require to get things back on track. The Vault provides a simple solution to protect yourself and your family, storing all your essential documents in a secure off-site location In One Place.



Over 20 million people are displaced each year due to fire, floods, extreme weather and other natural phenomena.

More than 1.2 million homes are destroyed by fire, floods each year in the United States alone.

And over 300,000 homes are destroyed each year just in the UK.

Over 59 million people are displaced because of violence, civil commotion and war each year.


The Vault provides a low cost secure digital safety deposit facility to store all your essential documents. Unlike many other cloud solutions The Vault employs multiple layers of back-up, two as standard and you can request for further layers if you so wish. This gives you added peace of mind knowing that in the event of a failure in one of our storage centers, your back-up is further backed up at a different site.

All you need to do is subscribe to The Vault, scan and upload your essential documents, and relax with the knowledge that whatever happens you have copies of everything you need.

The Vault is also an incredibly useful tool for people that travel a lot and expatriates, giving them an easy, safe and secure location where you can place all the essential documents that you might need.

The Vault – The modern day safety deposit box for all the documents that matter to you, safely and securely stored In One Place.


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